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      Customer Service is not a department . . . It's an Attitude.
* Apply the total satisfaction guarantee.
* "I detest the idea of turning people away. It isn't the way Domino's treats customers. Also, the need to turn off phones indicates inadequate scheduling by a manager, and I'm a stickler on that." (Pizza Tiger, Tom Monaghan).
* Managers are liable for poor service.
* When doing schedules, use all available tools to account for the weather and sporting events. Use the Internet, weather phone, newspapers, paydays etc...
* Overstaff for local sporting events.
* Always overstaff for dinner rush. You can always cut when slow.
* Schedule on 10 minute intervals.
* Train drivers to provide accurate orders.
* Deliver napkins to all hotels and businesses.
* The goal is To The Door in 24 minutes.
* Singles as much as possible we average less than 1.25 orders per run, and 80% single runs.
* More than anyone, drivers hate to deliver late pizzas. They hate confronting disappointed Customers.
* Good service starts at the phone.
* Offer rewards to team members that go out of their way to improve service. i.e.: Reward a team member if they come in when not scheduled, when it rains.
* Require all drivers to hustle safely. Hustle on your feet ~ drive safely on the street.
* Good service is when the order is accurate, prompt, hot, and delivered with a smile.
* Invest in a blue light.
* Delivery Experts is embroidered on our shirts.
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